About us

About us

Established in 2000, REITER ENGINEERING is the worldwide exclusive manufacturer of Lamborghini GT1 and GT3 racing cars and of Camaro GT3 racing cars. The company is one of the world’s leading GT3 engineering companies to have achieved FIA approval. 
Reiter Engineering’s core business sectors are the design, development and engineering of Lamborghini and Camaro racing cars, the tuning of Lamborghini street cars as well as the servicing and maintenance of Lamborghini and Camaro race cars and Lamborghini street cars. 
In 2013, REITER ENGINEERING established and affiliated a new division in the form of SaReNi Camaro that once again demonstrates the company’s enormous level of expertise in motorsport. The target is, similar to the successful development of the winning Lamborghini racecars, to transform the world-famous American muscle car Camaro to a trendsetting racecar.
REITER ENGINEERING provides a full range of development and services tailored specifically for the motorsport industry. Based in Kirchanschoering, Southern Germany (Bavaria), the company operates internationally with a strong focus on Europe, America and Asia. Almost 100 customers around the world compete in Lamborghini racecars. 
Since 2006, REITER ENGINEERING has expanded its business and has grown rapidly. REITER ENGINEERING currently employs about 50 people; the majority are development engineers, specialists for data-logging and analysis and race mechanics. The brand is focused on the constant development and performance optimisation of Lamborghini and Camaro racing cars and thus guarantees its customers an unrivalled level of quality. 

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